Zambezi Arms

Project Overview

We built a complete website for Zambezi Arms. Zambezi Arms & Ammunition Ltd, formerly known as Baikal Africa up until 2007 was founded in 1995. Zambezi Arms has evolved to be one of the largest suppliers of hunting, outdoor and shooting products in Zambia. Some of our products include Rifles, Shotguns, Handguns, Ammunition, Traps/Clays and Shooting Accessories. We pride ourselves in ensuring that all aspects of the shooter are catered for and offer products from reputable manufacturers.

Zambezi Arms is committed to becoming a leader in the firearms sector by outfitting gun enthusiast, fanatical shooters, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, law enforcement agencies and security firms with high quality, innovative products that are supported by dedicated customer service practices. Our aim is to give each client a solution that suits them best.

Today, customers across the country look to Zambezi Arms to provide the very best in firearms and related accessories. Our goal is to provide a one stop shop for our customers.


Zambezi Arms

Scope of work:

Web Design


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Head of Marketing

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