Eden Dental Center

Project Overview

We built a complete website for Eden Dental Center. Eden Dental Center is proud to deliver a comprehensive range of Dental treatment using the state of the art equipment and materials to allow us to deliver the best possible treatment to our patients.

We are very committed to ensuring that our patients receive the very best experience and service delivery. In fact we are pedantic about our service delivery. We are constantly updating our systems to ensure that YOU the patient understand the treatment that you are receiving as well as informing and giving you the tools to advise your third-party funders, be it authorisation for theatre work or specialised dentistry, and even just an estimation for ordinary restorations should you require such. Where possible and in certain instances we even advise you before-hand if there are any restrictions or regulations that your third party funder may have.

Our staff are vastly experienced and extremely friendly, and are invaluable to your general experience. 


Eden Dental Center

Scope of work:

Web Design

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