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Corporation for Community Human Service

Project Overview

We built a complete website for the Corporation for Community Human Service. The Genesis of CCHS goes as far back as 1999. The organization founders – The Marshalls – are themselves community residents of over 40 years. They developed CCHS over the years after witnessing first-hand the needs and challenges of community residents, such as the lack of accessible resources and programs. With their experience, skills and education,  they were and remain motivated to develop programs compatible with the needs of individuals in their own community and beyond.

The founders have extensive history working with and for reputable organizations in health and human services.  Our staff include medical professionals. Doctors, Licensed Clinical Counselors, Licensed Clinical Social Workers,  Psychologists experienced in working with types of addictions and treatments of substance abuse.  The program founders have developed a connection to the community and the residents via linkages with other support services providers to further extend services to catchment areas. Making the providers more viable to residents.


Corporation for Community Human Service

Scope of work:

Web Design

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